MAGGI Influencer Series

Increasing favorability and reviving the position of MAGGI as an authentic product that enhances the cooking experience for everyday people.

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Design System 

Package Design

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Increasing Positive Brand Recognition for MAGGI


Amidst videos criticizing Nestlé for allegedly making inferior products for its African Market, MAGGI got special attention as myths about its ingredients fueled the growing misconception that MAGGI was poisoning its consumers. Sadly, some unassuming consumers had been so influenced to use MAGGI cubes to make homemade butt shots.


Influencers cooked their favorite meal using MAGGI cube. while at it, they featured questions that addressed the myths in these circulating videos. This fostered trust, dispelled any misconceptions, and reinforced MAGGI’s dedication to providing safe, top-quality products to its consumers.

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Influencers across 5 countries received Ingredients for their dishes. To make the delivery a special moment, a carefully crafted pattern was developed for the delivery box. It incorporates slices of vegetables that feature prominently in dishes from across central, west Africa such as tomatoes, onions, carrots and various seasonings. 


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